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Weekend? What weekend…

So yeah the Columbia show went very well.  The curse has been lifted.  We will be back there in mid January (16th I believe).  It’s an easy 3:30 drive from Atlanta so it’s not all that bad to make it out to Columbia.

But yes…two shows this past weekend and photography work for a holiday party on Sunday evening.  I feel like I should get an extra long weekend this weekend to make up for this last one. However, it’s the life I chose…and I made good $$ this weekend.  So I really can’t complain…but it’s fun to.





Day 2: The Elvis Cruise

So yeah, day 1 went by very quickly. It was a long day though. We were up for a 6:30am lobby call and shuttled over to the Port. The crew unloaded all of the backline and audio gear and threw it in the cages to be loaded onto the ship. Once we got on the ship the crew set up the Main Lounge and the Lido Deck stages (and a couple of small stages). My role on the ship for this cruise is still Production, however I’m also the Hospitality Manager and Security for the ship. Security shouldn’t be needed on here…ever. I don’t think we will have any fights among the Elvis fans. They seem like a good bunch. But yeah the Main Lounge shows last night went well with very few hiccups. Tonight should be a good show though. The TCB band (Elvis’ old backing band) is kicking the show off. I’ll let ya know how that goes. For now I’m just finishing up some office work and eating as much as possible.

Aftermath of the ‘Tonic’ Opening Experience

Last Saturday (8.15.09) one of the bands I play in called ‘Sunset Love Affair’ was fortunate enough to open up for the band ‘Tonic’. This was a pretty cool experience because I have been a huge fan of ‘Tonic’ for quite a few years. I would put them in my top 10 favorite bands of all-time. I’m sure some of the other guys in the band felt the same way as I did about the show.

Overall the show went very well. We had a full band consisting of the core members of SLA (Chris, Matt Graff, and myself), as well as Jeremy on bass, and Gabe on drums. Technically it was The Red Tide Saga but billed as Sunset Love Affair. We played a pretty diverse mix of music ranging from Alternative Rock to Ska to even a Pop-ish Ballad. We video taped the whole entire show and it is available on YouTube and if you feel like collecting all of the videos in the order that we played them in, here is the setlist:
1) Of Stars & Stone
2) 4 Shots
3) Bring Me A Reason
4) My Later Tonight
5) Path
6) Selling Out For You
7) Only Heaven Knows Her Name
8) So Much To Me
9) Paranoia
10) Buffet Line
11) Untitled
12) Touch The Sky
13) Stroking 5th
I think it was quite an amazing set list and quite possibly the best one we have ever played. “Bring Me A Reason” was added at the last minute (about 1 hour before the show). We were going to play “Obvious Mistake” but we tossed that out of the setlist and replaced it with “Paranoia”. We weren’t quite sure how the crowd would respond to “Paranoia” but after playing it we received a ton of comments about the song and it proved to be a positive decision.

Right now we are getting ready for a show in Macon, GA on 8.29.09, which is usually a good time for us. A few of our best friends/fans are from the area and they always come back home to show support. We are continuing to try to book shows and we are all excited to see what the future will hold and hope another opportunity like the ‘Tonic’ experience comes our way.

I will leave you with a few videos from our performance the other night…enjoy!

Also check out the other videos from the performance as well as any other videos I have uploaded…go here: http://www.youtube.com/mbannis1