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Major League Baseball nearing year-round play

More games in the season will cause injuries like this to be 0.96% more likely to happen.

As if the 162-game regular season wasn’t long enough already, Major League Baseball is considering expanding the playoffs for the 2012 season. This will allow room for additional Wild Card teams.

This discussion began after the dismal 2010 World Series between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. It was referred to by, sportswriter Clem Herring of the Washington Times, as the “most boring series of events ever strung together for television.” He later compared it to watching a marathon of ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ citing it as, “just awful.”

The logic in having more playoff teams,is that having more teams involved in the playoff race will help weed out the teams like that do not receive high ratings. Hopefully the Giants/Rangers World Series has not set a trend, otherwise we can expect to se the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Baltimore Orioles duke it out for the title in 2011.

The proposal is receiving very little opposition at the moment but nothing has been finalized as of yet.