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Staples on demand

To view this post…visit the new page www.ChronillogicalDisorder.com. The post features the new TOT Slim stapler from Swingline.  Just when you thought staplers couldn’t get any more convenient…they did.  Prepare to have your pants ripped off through your mouth.


Miley Cyrus caught smoking, blames Hannah Montana

Disney humor...it's the best!

This week, a video surfaced on the Internet showing the already annoying Miley Cyrus smoking out of a bong. Unfortunately for us, she’s not smoking a talent enhancer.

Miley is said to be smoking salvia, which is a plant/herb/mythical creature/substance that is completely legal in California. It is now also known as a substance that makes Miley Cyrus more annoying than she already is.

When asked about the video, Miley responded to the matter saying, “Wasn’t me…it was Hannah Montana. Don’t worry it happens all the time.”

In the video (link below) you can see the effects of the salvia on Miley. She claims to be having a “bad trip” as she attempts to be funny, which she is no longer capable of after years of bad Disney comedy writing, and too many hours spent watching Two and a Half Men.

Watch the Video here on TMZ.com

The salvia apparently did nothing to fix her mannish voice or her teeth, which just really get in the way of her trying to talk.   It did, however, cause her to listen to music that is better than her own (Bush’s “Comedown” was the soundtrack to this epic video).

Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, said to reporters, “It broke my Achy Breaky Heart. Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I’m so sad. There is much beyond my control right now. Please buy my albums…I’m hungry.”

Many people are outraged and believe a “role model” shouldn’t be doing things like this. Maybe it’s time to quit choosing child stars as role models. When has that ever turned out well? Never. No wait…Kirk Cameron.

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