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Recording Milestone #3

I’m starting on #3 because I can’t very well go back in time to tell myself to start at #1.  Anyway, this weekend we were able to lay down all of my Electric tracks for “Obvious Mistake”, as well as the acoustic tracks (for atmosphere and filler) on Saturday.  Yesterday (Sunday) we had Jeremy come over to lay down his bass track and I believe that is just about where we want it.  We will give it another listen tonight and see if we can give it a nice sounding effect.  Hopefully when Graff records his Electric track the song will sound like an actual song.  It’s getting there though!

After this song is complete from our end we will send it to Chris so he can do his vocals.  Then I’d imagine he will send it back to us and we will listen to it until we are blue in the face trying to find mistakes and re-record until we are happy with all of it.

Next song on the list will be either “Selling Out For You” or “Bring Me A Reason”.  Doesn’t matter which we do first because we pretty much know what we’re going to do for those songs as we have played them for quite some time.  ”Obvious Mistake” is a newer one for us so we took that one on first.

I’m just looking forward to the finished product because every band I have been a part of gets to this point and never finishes the album.  Difference here is we all are into the music…and we are recording it ourselves.  But don’t worry…we’ve got Pro equipment…so no garage-style recordings for us!  We’re selling out from the get-go.  Maybe one day we will get to put out an over-produced Nickelback style album.  Until then it’s gonna be us putting out a modest yet great sounding album that we did ourselves…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Milestone #4 coming up…Matt Graff’s “Obvious Mistake” track.