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Brett Favre’s streak ends, world stands still

On Monday, Brett Favre’s streak of 297 consecutive starts came to an end and captivated the nation.

Where were you when the streak ended?  I was at home, watching Monday Night Football.  When they told me that Brett Favre wasn’t going to start, I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh…I didn’t know what to feel.  Seeing that record fall down was one of the most incredible, yet terrible, sights to behold.  The sports world truly stopped on that day.  So, ask yourself…”Where were you?”  Actually, ask yourself, “Where was I?”  Because you can’t ask yourself where you were because you are yourself asking yourself a question about yourself.  Never forget. 12/13.

A true...modern day...9/11. The ultimate in "Who Cares?" sports coverage. I hate you sometimes ESPN. I'm gonna put a jihad on you.





Metrodome roof collapses, cherry on top of a great season

This season, many people around the NFL have questioned whether or not Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin’s migraines are as severe as he claims they are.  Early Sunday morning Harvin proved the naysayers wrong when he had a migraine so intense that it radiated outward causing the roof of the Metrodome to collapse.  That is what happened according to Percy Harvin.

Percy Harvin gets paid to stand on the sideline and BETA test Advil.

Local meteorologists blame the snowstorm for the collapse, and not Harvin’s migraines.  Harvin, however, maintains his guilt and insists that he be punished to the full extent by the NFL and miss the remainder of the season with pay.

The damage caused the NFL moved the Vikings’ game against the New York Giants to Monday night in nearby-ish Detroit, Michigan.  This was the first time in almost 20 years that Detroit had seen decent football.  Admission to the game was free with priority seating for the ticket-holders to the originally scheduled game.  Seating was general admission and, of course, segregated to keep the crime down.

The Vikings organization is distraught by the destruction.  Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said, “It’s just way too cold outside to have an open air stadium in Minnesota. Even worse, everything is wet in here.  The last thing Minnesota needs is another lake.  There is just nothing good about this situation.”

Having spent the remainder of their budget trying to keep Brett Favre alive, the Vikings have asked the community to help out in restoring the dome to its normal state. The Vikings are launching an ad campaign to raise money to fund the cost of repairs. It involves a group of homely-looking Vikings who ask the question, “What’s in your wallet?…and can we have some?”

In the meantime, the Metrodome is being used to house the remaining Katrina refugees.  There are still over 3,000 fugees roaming about the country for whatever reason.  The Vikings are hoping to get some free labor out of the deal. So far none of the fugees have offered to work, but a couple said they might…one time.