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Derek Jeter, Yankees play “Let’s Make A Deal”

For the first time in his illustrious career, Derek Jeter is a free agent.  His 10-year, $189 million contract came to an end at the conclusion of the 2010 season.   The New York Yankees, wishing to keep their franchise star shortstop in New York, began negotiations with Jeter and his agent.

The Yankees’ negotiating strategy has been unfavorable to Jeter so far.  Initially, the Yankees were reluctant to offer Jeter anything more than a 3-year $45 million contract, while  Jeter wanted at least a 4-year contract with more money on top.  The Yankees’ negotiation efforts continue to fall short, and continue to get more bazaar.

Derek Jeter during his A.C. Slater phase.

The most recent development in the negotiation has the Yankees’ offering Jeter a 4-year $55 million contract and a package which includes upper-deck season tickets, a signed Derek Jeter 1992 Draft Pick baseball card, and a lifetime supply of Otter Pops.

Jeter’s agent spoke out against the offer, calling it “childish and insulting”.  The Yankees’ responded saying that, “there was just no more money left to offer what Derek (Jeter) is worth.  Which is why we added the package as a part of the deal.”

The Otter Pop is responsible for more sticky pairs of scissors than any other desert snack.

During a press conference, Jeter said, “I am confused as to why I would even use the season tickets.  They’re not even good seats.  I won’t even comment on offering me my signed rookie card and Otter Pops.  I don’t even like Otter Pops.”

Yankees’ owner, Hal Steinbrenner, responded to Jeter’s comment saying, “We admit that the Otter Pops and signed baseball card are lame, but if he (Jeter) doesn’t want the season tickets he can give them away as a stocking stuffer perhaps.  The seats may be upper-deck, but they’re still right behind home plate and you can see the whole field.  I really don’t see what the issue is here.  He is just pulling his ‘Diva’ card.”

The negotiations continue and Yankees fans will have to wait to see what Jeter decides to do.  It is unlikely he will decide to go to another team, but for the Yankees organization it’s just a matter of “sealing the deal” to keep him there for sure.

Just a preview of what could be the newest Randy Moss jersey. This would be the fourth team jersey within a year to feature his name.

In a related story, Tennessee Titans wide receiver, Randy Moss, has been contacted by the Yankees to replace Jeter if he opts for another team.  Moss has been with three different NFL teams this season and switching sports seems like the next logical move for the indecisive veteran.

Fans have responded in outrage and one analyst calls the rumor “absurd”, saying that “the Yankees are clearly only after brand name players.  I highly doubt Moss has ever touched a baseball before.”

Steinbrenner has quite a few difficult decisions to make during the off-season, but the Jeter contract appears to be the sun that all of the other decisions revolve around.


Major League Baseball nearing year-round play

More games in the season will cause injuries like this to be 0.96% more likely to happen.

As if the 162-game regular season wasn’t long enough already, Major League Baseball is considering expanding the playoffs for the 2012 season. This will allow room for additional Wild Card teams.

This discussion began after the dismal 2010 World Series between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. It was referred to by, sportswriter Clem Herring of the Washington Times, as the “most boring series of events ever strung together for television.” He later compared it to watching a marathon of ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ citing it as, “just awful.”

The logic in having more playoff teams,is that having more teams involved in the playoff race will help weed out the teams like that do not receive high ratings. Hopefully the Giants/Rangers World Series has not set a trend, otherwise we can expect to se the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Baltimore Orioles duke it out for the title in 2011.

The proposal is receiving very little opposition at the moment but nothing has been finalized as of yet.