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"It’s K Mart Smart"

Well first off, I thought K Mart was gone…history…finished. False. Recently I’ve been getting bombarded by their new TV commercials for the Holidays…Christmas specifically. Anyway, so I see that their new slogan encourages you to shop smart and “K Mart Smart”…or “K Smart”. This is all fine and dandy, or at least was, until I saw a commercial for Halloween costumes. You can apparently get costumes for the whole family at way low prices. Great right? No…it’s DECEMBER! They were so busy trying to make shoppers smart that they forgot to give the advertising department a calendar. Maybe this is why K Mart was having financial trouble (and still is I’d imagine). I’d be broke too if I kept advertising expired holidays. Or maybe this is the new trend. Maybe this year I’m supposed to invite everyone to my birthday last year.

Either way…it’s not very K Smart to waste money (that they clearly don’t have) on advertising a holiday that happened a month ago. How am I supposed to trust a company who can’t even make a basic logical decision. How about taking the money you would spend on outdated holiday advertising and use it to improve your awful product line…there’s a thought. Maybe that would stop bullies from ridiculing little Jimmy Thompson about his off-brand sneakers. I’ve said enough. I’m WalSmart.


“The Phone Company”: An Unknown Villain

I have been watching television for years, not constantly, but usually a few hours of each day.  This would imply that I have seen quite a few commercials in my time.  I have noticed a recent trend among telecommunications companies and their bashing of “the phone company”.  Who is this mysterious bandit stealing our hard earned money by charging too much for local and long distance calls?  That’s the problem…the commercials never say.

Start to pay attention to these commercials.  Comcast just had a commercial on saying how their services were cheaper and more reliable than “the phone company”.  Vonage has basically the same commercial, and so do AT&T and BellSouth.  These are all phone companies, and if they are not the culprits, then who is “the phone company” they are all speaking of.  This is now the new reason I am boycotting the use of landline phones in my home, other than the fact that it is pointless now that everyone has cellular phones with plans that are reasonable for everyday use.  So, just start to notice commercials that advertise home phone service.  And for god’s sake…give “the phone company” a break.