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PSA: 5 Reasons to Own/Not Own a Bear

5 Reasons to Own a Bear

#1 Eats intruders

#2 Knows which brands of toilet paper to use#3 Immediate conversation starter

#4 Free fish

#5 Likes Jumanji and The Jungle Book just as much as you do.  Also, hates Bear Grylls just as much as you do.

5 Reasons to not own a bear

#1 May confuse loving owner as an intruder (see #1 reason to own a bear)

#2 If you are a honey-enthusiast, you will never taste your favorite sweet treat again.

#3 Will not wear the “Pooh” shirt you got it

#4 Gives painful high-fives

#5 Addicted to Coke


Greg Giraldo: 1965-2010

I am an avid fan of stand-up comedy and have been for the past ten years. I don’t know what draws me into it, but I admire anyone who can get up on stage, grab a mic, and attempt to make people laugh. Many people try, most of them fail. However, a few go on to be great.

One of my favorite comics, Greg Giraldo, passed away yesterday from an overdose. The news surprised me, however the cause behind it did not. Edgy, hostile and witty, he was one of the few comics that possessed the ability to take a room full of strangers, brutally offend them, and still have them laughing hysterically by the end of his set. Some of his credits include numerous appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, Last Call with Carson Daly, Last Comic Standing, and of course the Comedy Central Roasts. I’m not going to do a full bio on the guy because if you care enough you can Google him and read up for yourself.

On my list of comics that I’ve wanted to see perform the most, Greg Giraldo was at the top. I remember he came to Atlanta not long ago and I was unable to go to the show. It didn’t bother me too much because I had the “I’ll catch him next time” mentality. The same thing happened with Mitch Hedberg before he died. This is why you don’t procrastinate.

To me, the coolest thing about him was that he was a lawyer before quitting to become a stand-up comic. I’m not sure of the accuracy of this tid bit, but Wikipedia has him only being an active comic since 1999, which by industry standards is impressive that he achieved so much in so little time.

In summary, if you respect and appreciate something/someone…do yourself a favor and go see it in person. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Just a suggestion, but a fitting tribute to Greg Giraldo would be a Comedy Central roast in his honor…just saying.

You can check out some of his work by clicking the link below:
Greg Giraldo’s Videos on ComedyCentral.com

Here are a couple worthwhile videos from YouTube:
Just For Laughs

Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you have anything to add, or any corrections…leave a comment. Thank ya.

Twitter Tracker

I logged onto twitter tonight to see what was trending (this is how I get my news…sad, I know), and I saw that Bill Cosby was a trending topic. My immediate reaction was that he had passed away. Of course I clicked to see what all the commotion was and apparently he is NOT dead, but rather very alive and on Lopez Tonight. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only person who thought he had died.

Since I started typing this, 96 people have commented about Bill Cosby on twitter and all of them thought he died too. This of course should keep him trending for a while, causing even more panic surrounding the non-death of the great Bill Cosby.

I’m curious to see how long this goes on for. Also, I’m curious to see if Bill Cosby has a twitter account. I would love to see his face when he logs in later and sees that all of America thinks he died.

Long live Bill Cosby! Thanks twitter for trying to kill a legend. I really need to find a more reliable news source.

Jimmy Kimmel…The Show Must Go On!

This is pretty cool. I’m not sure what most Live TV shows would do in this situation, but my best guess is that they would just scrap the whole thing and start fresh the next day. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel was dealing with power outage issues that kept them from being able to broadcast the show as they normally do. Not to be defeated, Kimmel decided he would broadcast the show from his laptop. I’ve read a few articles today saying that this will start a new trend and a few “copycats”…I say, not so much. It worked well for him last night, but I don’t see this as becoming a regular thing.

A few weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon did a thing where you could “Watch Jimmy With Jimmy.” Basically what he did was devise a way for fans to go online and watch Jimmy watch his own show. His show is not taped live, so he has the power to do this. Kind of similar to the Kimmel situation…but mostly not.

The biggest surprise to me is how well his audience and guests reacted to the unorthodox taping. I work with a lot of musicians and I don’t know many that would have agreed to do what his musical guest, Dierks Bentley, did last night. Instead of taking the “diva” route, they stripped the whole thing down and did an acoustic performance in front of the laptop camera.

In all…thumbs up to Kimmel for not letting his fans down. I’m not a regular watcher of the show, but I just might have to become one. I’m loyal to shows that treat their fans well, and he seems to do a great job of that.

Jimmy Kimmel Power Outage

Script Writing Endeavor

So basically I have a dream in the back of my head of being a comedy writer (pro musician as well but that’s a whole new topic) in addition to what I already do. Up until a few days ago I had no clue how to get into that field. I knew it wasn’t like a “Walk-in off the street and fill out an app” kinda gig, but wasn’t sure if it was all based on who you know. Turns out it’s pretty complicated. To write for TV they will typically ask you for two scripts written on spec (speculation). Basically you take an existing show and write an episode for it the whole way through. Don’t add characters or wacky plot lines…just a normal show.

My immediate thought was 30 Rock. I am going to attempt to write my first of two spec scripts for that show. It’s a daunting task to sy the least because it is so well written to begin with. I just felt that it has a steady plot unlike say, The Office, which changes constantly (Jim & Pam, etc).

I’ll let ya know how it goes. Still have to think of a plot for the show though. But after I write the spec scripts I want to work on writing the TV show idea I had a while back based loosely on my own life…only different enough to make people actually hive a crap about it.

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