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Weekend? What weekend…

So yeah the Columbia show went very well.  The curse has been lifted.  We will be back there in mid January (16th I believe).  It’s an easy 3:30 drive from Atlanta so it’s not all that bad to make it out to Columbia.

But yes…two shows this past weekend and photography work for a holiday party on Sunday evening.  I feel like I should get an extra long weekend this weekend to make up for this last one. However, it’s the life I chose…and I made good $$ this weekend.  So I really can’t complain…but it’s fun to.





Columbia, SC

The Red Tide Saga has a show tonight in Columbia, SC at the Wild Wing Cafe Harbison location. This is a cursed place for us. Everytime we have played here it has been either with a different form of the band (acoustic, etc) or we have had extreme technical difficulty (electric drumset falling apart, fuses blowing, electric guitars having to go DI, kick drum pedal breaking…you get the picture.

Tonight we actually have the full normal band here for only the second time. Hopefully nothing goes wrong tonight. I’m exhausted after the late show last night and all of the driving and probably won’t get home until at least 5am. Gotta get that $$ though. Good times. Should be a great show though.