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Perfect World Holiday Plans

I like to think of things in “a perfect world” situation (god I hate that word now…Jersey Shore has ruined that word forever).  Naturally when deciding my weekend Holiday Plans I like to think of what I would like to be doing if this was a perfect world.  My plans would be as follows:


Get off work around 3pm and go home

Drive to Athens, GA for my girlfriend’s Sibling Christmas 2009 Extravaganza

Thursday (Christmas Eve):

Drive back home to Atlanta (home by 2pm)

Record music for about 3 hours

Drive to my Aunt’s for the annual Christmas Eve shindig

Get back home at about (10pm)

Record music for 2 more hours

Play NBA 2K10 on PS3 for 2 hours

Watch some It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and eventually fall asleep

Friday (Christmas):

Wake up and get to my parent’s at around Noon

Do the Christmas thing…eat some food

Possibly Drive to Athens to see the girlfriend’s family around 6pm

Drive home to Atlanta and get home at 11pm

Record more music until I’m tired

Saturday & Sunday:

Buy 20 scratch-off lottery tickets and win on each one

Buy a professional sports franchise

Eat a burger

Go to bed

Realistic enough isn’t it?


Apparently It’s Almost Christmas?

It’s that time again…and it feels no different to me than any other time of year.  It’s colder.  That’s about it.  When I was a kid I could smell Christmas in August and that’s a scientific fact.  Now it just seems like a formality…and it’s odd because I used to love Christmas.  I guess it’s because I haven’t done anything exciting for X-Mas in quite a while now.  When I was little we used to go visit family in Iowa and that was always a fun time.  Now it’s Christmas in Atlanta…every year…and the South doesn’t exactly scream Christmas.  It does, however, scream racial slurs during sporting events and parades.  So we’ve got that going for us.

I’m sure once Christmas gets a little bit closer (even though it’s in 3 days) I’ll feel more into it.  Maybe some snow will help.  Time to check the weather.

"It’s K Mart Smart"

Well first off, I thought K Mart was gone…history…finished. False. Recently I’ve been getting bombarded by their new TV commercials for the Holidays…Christmas specifically. Anyway, so I see that their new slogan encourages you to shop smart and “K Mart Smart”…or “K Smart”. This is all fine and dandy, or at least was, until I saw a commercial for Halloween costumes. You can apparently get costumes for the whole family at way low prices. Great right? No…it’s DECEMBER! They were so busy trying to make shoppers smart that they forgot to give the advertising department a calendar. Maybe this is why K Mart was having financial trouble (and still is I’d imagine). I’d be broke too if I kept advertising expired holidays. Or maybe this is the new trend. Maybe this year I’m supposed to invite everyone to my birthday last year.

Either way…it’s not very K Smart to waste money (that they clearly don’t have) on advertising a holiday that happened a month ago. How am I supposed to trust a company who can’t even make a basic logical decision. How about taking the money you would spend on outdated holiday advertising and use it to improve your awful product line…there’s a thought. Maybe that would stop bullies from ridiculing little Jimmy Thompson about his off-brand sneakers. I’ve said enough. I’m WalSmart.