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Highway Toll Incident

If you drive on a toll road everyday, and you don’t have an EZ Pass, Cruise Card, or whatever your state calls it…you are an idiot and I hate you.

So, this morning I was driving to work on GA400 and fast approaching the toll plaza.  I do not have a Cruise Card so I merged over into one of the toll lanes marked “Cashier”.  At this point…I was tired, yet happy (as illustrated below).

Photo Courtesy of the Georgia Department of Transportation...Notice that I'm driving perfectly between the lines.

I apparently I misread the “Cashier” as it turned out to be the “Stop ‘N Chat” line.  Of the three cars in front of me, two of them had a nice little chat with the tollbooth lady.  Not a short chat…at least 45 seconds for the first car.  Almost a full minute for the second car.  I was now slightly irate after my 2 minute wait.  I’m aware that rhymed.  I’ve got a 4ft stack of flow back at my apartment.

Anger is brewing inside of me. Like a quiet storm waiting to demolish poor people's houses. Seriously though, rich people never have house damage.

The second car I’m speaking of was the car directly in front of me.  It was a woman, and her color is irrelevant for all of you racists out there.  She was driving a Mercedes Benz S-Class car, so it’s safe to assume she’s wealthy.  However when leaving the house this morning, knowing she’d be taking a toll road, she “forgot” to bring the $0.50 needed to go through it.  Not even $1.00 to make change.

Keep in mind that I can hear this entire conversation between her and the tollbooth lady.  So after Mrs. Mercedes (I can only assume she’s married.  No single woman owns a car that nice.  Sorry, just saying.) pleads her case for almost a solid minute, she gets out of the car…and walks toward my car.  Luckily I’m not a filthy-rich idiot like her and actually have money on me.  As if she was talking to a child, she asks if I “would be a good Samaritan today” and lend her $0.50 so that she may go through the toll plaza.  Of course I gave her the money so that she could get out of my way.  Then she proceeds to thank me…in the most talked down to and condescending way possible.  At this point I would have given anything to turn into a monster and devour her.

She now had 2 minutes of my time...and my money. It makes me giggle because if I were black, I would have been an African Samaritan.

She clearly viewed me as a lesser human, when it was her that has a $50-$80K car with no money.  I’m not sure what happened to that lady after that.  I don’t really care.  I’m signing up for a Cruise Card today though.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I would say that they hired that lady as a marketing tool for the Cruise Card.  My experience with Mercedes caused me to sign up for the Cruise Card today so I’d never have to put up with people like her ever again.

I just realized that I never gave her a receipt.  If you are the lady in the above picture, please email me and I’ll get a receipt in the mail to you asap!  How inconsiderate of me.

The Rock Boat X: Pre-Cruise

It’s about that time again…The Rock Boat X leaves Tampa tomorrow out of nice, cold, windy Tampa, Florida.

Sister Hazel, Marc Broussard, Augustana, Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Will Hoge, and Pat McGee Band are the headlining acts on this year’s event…and of course there are plenty of other artists onboard.

I’ll be updating with anything relevant as the cruise goes on…so sit tight.

Apparently It’s Almost Christmas?

It’s that time again…and it feels no different to me than any other time of year.  It’s colder.  That’s about it.  When I was a kid I could smell Christmas in August and that’s a scientific fact.  Now it just seems like a formality…and it’s odd because I used to love Christmas.  I guess it’s because I haven’t done anything exciting for X-Mas in quite a while now.  When I was little we used to go visit family in Iowa and that was always a fun time.  Now it’s Christmas in Atlanta…every year…and the South doesn’t exactly scream Christmas.  It does, however, scream racial slurs during sporting events and parades.  So we’ve got that going for us.

I’m sure once Christmas gets a little bit closer (even though it’s in 3 days) I’ll feel more into it.  Maybe some snow will help.  Time to check the weather.

Weekend? What weekend…

So yeah the Columbia show went very well.  The curse has been lifted.  We will be back there in mid January (16th I believe).  It’s an easy 3:30 drive from Atlanta so it’s not all that bad to make it out to Columbia.

But yes…two shows this past weekend and photography work for a holiday party on Sunday evening.  I feel like I should get an extra long weekend this weekend to make up for this last one. However, it’s the life I chose…and I made good $$ this weekend.  So I really can’t complain…but it’s fun to.



Truck Stop T-Shirt

Truck stop T-Shirt. Gotta love it?

Columbia, SC

The Red Tide Saga has a show tonight in Columbia, SC at the Wild Wing Cafe Harbison location. This is a cursed place for us. Everytime we have played here it has been either with a different form of the band (acoustic, etc) or we have had extreme technical difficulty (electric drumset falling apart, fuses blowing, electric guitars having to go DI, kick drum pedal breaking…you get the picture.

Tonight we actually have the full normal band here for only the second time. Hopefully nothing goes wrong tonight. I’m exhausted after the late show last night and all of the driving and probably won’t get home until at least 5am. Gotta get that $$ though. Good times. Should be a great show though.


The Elvis Cruise: In Short Summary

The Elvis Cruise came and went and seemed to be a success. Apparently the production company they hired last year put on a train-wreck instead of an event, so the bar was set pretty low for us. I think we delivered an amazing event and set the bar where it should have been in the first place. The artists were amazing to work with and I enjoyed every second of it. This was the first event where I wasn’t dealing with artist management the whole way and I got to speak directly with the artists leading up to the event. By the time the event began I felt as if I had already known them for a while, so it made working with them all the more easy.

Basically I went from knowing nothing about Elvis and only having known a handful of songs, to knowing the people he played with and surrounded himself with, and getting to experience more of his vast catalogue. It was a great experience that I was fortunate to be a part of and I really hope we get to do this event next year.

Day 2: The Elvis Cruise

So yeah, day 1 went by very quickly. It was a long day though. We were up for a 6:30am lobby call and shuttled over to the Port. The crew unloaded all of the backline and audio gear and threw it in the cages to be loaded onto the ship. Once we got on the ship the crew set up the Main Lounge and the Lido Deck stages (and a couple of small stages). My role on the ship for this cruise is still Production, however I’m also the Hospitality Manager and Security for the ship. Security shouldn’t be needed on here…ever. I don’t think we will have any fights among the Elvis fans. They seem like a good bunch. But yeah the Main Lounge shows last night went well with very few hiccups. Tonight should be a good show though. The TCB band (Elvis’ old backing band) is kicking the show off. I’ll let ya know how that goes. For now I’m just finishing up some office work and eating as much as possible.