Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens call it quits

Even at the peak of their relationship, they looked distant. Ba-da-cha.

It’s official…Hufron has split. They have taken the typical Hollywood stance and are citing irreconcilable differences.

Even though their four-year relationship has ended, they still maintain a close friendship.


Hudgens told reporters that “He (Efron) just wants to sing all the time. I’m more of a dancer. He’s white. I’m probably not white. It just wasn’t a good fit. We make better BFFs.”

Efron took a similar stance on Hudgens. “We were High School Musical sweethearts. It’s sad to see it end. Plus, I’m white. I don’t think she is. I’m pretty sure she’s not black either. I don’t really know what she is. We’re just too different.”

They plan to use their new freedom to take on new projects. Both Efron and Hudgens have plans to do separate musicals revolving around college. Efron will begin filming University School Musical in Spring 2011. Hudgens is slated to star in Community College School Musical to try to appeal to the ethnic crowd. She begins filming in Summer 2011. She also had an offer to star in Technical School Musical.

In an unrelated story, comedian Doug Benson has been asked to star in High Musical.

This break-up comes at an unfortunate time because I just came up with the ‘Hufron’ mash-up, and now I can’t use it anymore. Thanks for nothing Zac Efron…you talented fruit.


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