Fantasy Football & The Quest For Glory

For those of you who enjoy Fantasy Football, you know that running one team is enough to drive you crazy every week. I have the unfortunate task of running three teams. Most people frown upon playing in multiple leagues, but I was invited into three leagues…so I’m playing in three leagues. Like most people with in multiple leagues, I have the “league that I care about”. I have one league that it’d like to do well in. The other is purely for fun with no prizes for winning. My frustration lies in the fact that I’m doing extremely well in all three leagues. Let me break it down for you:

League #1: The Dip Ships
12 Team League
Record: 6-3 (Tied for 2nd)
Power Ranking: 2nd
Grand Prize: Balcony Cabin on The Rock Boat

League #2: Sixthman
12 Team League
Record: 6-3 (Tied for 2nd)
Power Ranking: Tied for 1st
Grand Prize: $200.00

League #3: Another Reason To Drink
8 Team League
Record: 8-1 (Tied for 1st…with my Girlfriend…and she’s good.)
Power Ranking: Unknown
Grand Prize: Nothing

Still a few more weeks left to go…and the good news is I’m playoff bound in all three leagues. I think I’ll start to vent my frustration with my lineups here. I’m sure someone will enjoy it out there. Wish me luck…or don’t. Go Falcons.


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