Monthly Archives: February 2010

Cayamo: Day 3

So far all is well on Cayamo. We are in the middle of Day 3. Today was our first port day in Belize. Tomorrow is Costa Maya. We are about to kick off the first band of the day now that everyone is back on the ship. WPA kicks everything off on the Pool Deck. The Main Lounge tonight will feature Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, and Steve Earle.


At the Port of Miami for the Cayamo load-in.

Cayamo… Round 2

I’m waiting to get on the plane to go to Miami to work on the Cayamo Cruise. This will be my second Cayamo event and 9th overall cruise with Sixthman.

Only downside is that I was supposed to play a show tonight but Alan Powell is an awesome individual and is filling in for me. SLA will kill it tonight once again in Greenville, SC. We are in Charlotte, NC next weekend. Good times will be had.

Taj Mowrey


“Why I am late for this important meeting? I’m sorry… I was about to leave my house when I saw this weird looking kid on an early 90s sitcom and I just had to find out what he looks like now. You understand right? No?”