Recording Update #4

* Note: I’m no longer calling these a “Milestone”…just simply an update *

Looks as if we are finished recording “Obvious Mistake”.  We decided to go back and re-record all guitar and bass parts.  Worked out for the better becuase I think everyone is very happy with how it came out.  Now we just have to have Chris put his vocals into it and we’re ready to send it off…or do whatever with it.

I believe we are also finished with “Bring Me A Reason”.  The only think left to record from our end is the guitar solo.

“Selling Out For You” is being worked on this week along with “So Much To Me” (at least I think we’re going to attempt that one this week).  We are planning on doing “So Much To Me” acoustically which would keep it true to the way we recorded it for the demo.  Plus we don’t have to pay for a drummer to record it…win win.  Should be great though!

I’ll post a sneak peak of what “Obvious Mistake” sounds like before the vocals.


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