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George Costanza & Christopher Walken come to all of our shows.


Recorded from my iPhone (sorry for the quality lackage)…here’s a sneak-peek of “Obvious Mistake” without vocals.

Recorded from my iPhone (sorry for the quality lackage)…here’s a sneak-peek of “Obvious Mistake” without vocals.

Recording Update #4

* Note: I’m no longer calling these a “Milestone”…just simply an update *

Looks as if we are finished recording “Obvious Mistake”.  We decided to go back and re-record all guitar and bass parts.  Worked out for the better becuase I think everyone is very happy with how it came out.  Now we just have to have Chris put his vocals into it and we’re ready to send it off…or do whatever with it.

I believe we are also finished with “Bring Me A Reason”.  The only think left to record from our end is the guitar solo.

“Selling Out For You” is being worked on this week along with “So Much To Me” (at least I think we’re going to attempt that one this week).  We are planning on doing “So Much To Me” acoustically which would keep it true to the way we recorded it for the demo.  Plus we don’t have to pay for a drummer to record it…win win.  Should be great though!

I’ll post a sneak peak of what “Obvious Mistake” sounds like before the vocals.

Sibling Christmas: Location #4 & #5

Location: Athens, GA

Went to The Max Canada.

Now we’re at Jenn & Seth’s.

Everyone survived.

Watching “Bruno” and going to sleep.

Sibling Christmas: Location #3

Location: Athens, GA

At Flicker’s. Pretty cool open mic setup here.

Everyone is still alive again.

Sibling Christmas: Location #2

Location: Athens, GA

Heading to Little King’s

Everyone is still alive

Sibling Christmas: Location #1

Location: Athens, GA

Dinner at DePalma’s.

Everyone survived.

On to Cutter’s Pub.

Sibling Christmas Extravaganza 2009

I don’t have any siblings.  My girlfriend does.  Tonight celebrates that fact.  I’ll be updating with the festivities.

Perfect World Holiday Plans

I like to think of things in “a perfect world” situation (god I hate that word now…Jersey Shore has ruined that word forever).  Naturally when deciding my weekend Holiday Plans I like to think of what I would like to be doing if this was a perfect world.  My plans would be as follows:


Get off work around 3pm and go home

Drive to Athens, GA for my girlfriend’s Sibling Christmas 2009 Extravaganza

Thursday (Christmas Eve):

Drive back home to Atlanta (home by 2pm)

Record music for about 3 hours

Drive to my Aunt’s for the annual Christmas Eve shindig

Get back home at about (10pm)

Record music for 2 more hours

Play NBA 2K10 on PS3 for 2 hours

Watch some It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and eventually fall asleep

Friday (Christmas):

Wake up and get to my parent’s at around Noon

Do the Christmas thing…eat some food

Possibly Drive to Athens to see the girlfriend’s family around 6pm

Drive home to Atlanta and get home at 11pm

Record more music until I’m tired

Saturday & Sunday:

Buy 20 scratch-off lottery tickets and win on each one

Buy a professional sports franchise

Eat a burger

Go to bed

Realistic enough isn’t it?

LinkedIn Network

Hey everyone…if you feel like it you can now add me to your LinkedIn Network using the following address:

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Thank ya!