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The Mighty Boosh Invades America

The Mighty Boosh is no doubt one of my favorite shows of all time and it is finally making its way to America. The British comedy duo, The Mighty Boosh, is comprised of Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. The show itself has a few more characters than just the handful that the duo play and completely off-the-wall writing that keeps me watching. They don’t just go for the easy laugh or the obvious way out of situations…they take you “on a journey through time and space”.

The Mighty Boosh recently began to air, for the first time in the US, on Adult Swim. I began watching them online because that was the only way you could find the episodes. They had DVD’s released in the UK but they are a different format and will not work on US DVD players…that all changed this past week. The Mighty Boosh DVD’s have been released in the US, and to help promote they appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night. The interview definitely showed off what the “Boosh” is all about. They even gave hints toward possibly creating a movie or continuing with the TV series. So, in case you missed it…here’s the interview…enjoy!


311: Independence Day

Last weekend, Graff and I went to the 311 show in Atlanta at Lakewood Amphitheater. I got to spend my 4th of July with my favorite band while listening to my favorite music. They played a lot of songs off of their new album, which I normally hate when bands do that. I didn’t mind at all this time. Their new album “Uplifter” is incredible. 311 has always been my absolute favorite band, and always will be. They have been around for almost 20 years now making great music with messages of positivity.

I was really surprised about the merchandise at the show…it was sooo cheap! The shirt designs were awesome this year and were only $25 each…which is great for concert shirts. Wristbands and sticker packs were $5 each…can’t beat it. Overall it was an amazing show. The setlist was as follows:
1. Never Ending Summer (New Song)2. Beautiful Disaster3. All Mixed Up4. Mix It Up (New Song)5. Come Original6. It’s Alright (New Song)7. Freeze Time8. Daisy Cutter (New Song)9. Amber10. Applied Science11. Something Out Of Nothing (New Song)12. Beyond The Gray Sky13. I Like The Way (New Song)14. Homebrew15. Hey You (New Song)16. India Ink (New Song)17. What Was I Thinking18. Jackpot (New Song)19. Creatures (For A While)e:20. Omaha Stylee21. Do You Right/Don’t Stay Home/Hive (Mash-Up)22. Down
So in all they played 9 songs off the new album…awesome. And of course they ended the evening with fireworks, being that it was the 4th and all.  

Celebrity Death Conspiracy

I think there’s a Celebrity death conspiracy. Losing way too many in recent weeks. I didn’t think conspiracy until we lost Billy Mays. That was the last straw. I’m thinking of forming a coalition of some sort to help prevent celebrity deaths because this is getting ridiculous. Michael Jackson was probably the hardest loss for me to take because he was a huge part of my childhood and now he’s gone. Until I was about 9 years old I don’t think I knew that other music existed. All I listened to was Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovic (only because he parodied Michael Jackson songs). I just hated how the news stations immediately went to broadcasting all of his eccentricities instead of covering his amazing career first. Poor taste too early on. You still gotta respect the guy for his music achievements. I really could care less about the other stuff because it would have been a miracle anyway for him to turn out as a normal adult after the childhood he had. Music is good…all that matters. RIP MJ, BM, FF, & EMc. Now here’s something for you to enjoy…watch til the end. It’s not the best video ever, but it’s solid and full of fiber.