Social Experiment: Ridin' Dirty

So yeah…I have made it almost through the whole day. Been around plenty of people, all of which I was around yesterday. I must be a very “blendy” person because they haven’t noticed my lil’ fashion faux pas. I am wearing the exact same thing as yesterday.

No this isn’t like the “oh, I have two pairs of those jeans” kind of things. I’m wearing exactly the same thing I was wearing yesterday. I didn’t even realize this until I was 5 minutes from work. I keep waiting for someone to say something…but nothing.

This makes me wonder if I’ve done this before. If I didn’t notice what I was putting on this morning, could that have happened more than once? This wouldn’t bother me so much if I wasn’t wearing everything today that I was wearing yesterday. I can remember times where I had worn the same jeans for 2 weeks straight…no big deal. They fit better that way anyway.

I’m thinking a social experiment is in order. I might just go home, wash my clothes, and wear the same thing again for the third day in a row. That way it won’t be nasty, but maybe I can finally get a reaction. If I don’t get a reaction…take it to day 4. I may just keep this going until people sit me down for an intervention. That could be fun. Although, anyone who knows me will know that I wouldn’t ever do that. It would be a wasted load of laundry and would cost money. I’m too cheap for that. So I’ve decided…if I do it…I’m gonna ride dirty.

This has been a message from Frisky O’Neill


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